How To Prepare The Face For Activated Charcoal Mask

If you’ve already tried them all to treat acne and oily skin, perhaps the ultimate solution could be this coal mask. Experts are still studying the possible benefits of activated charcoal on the skin, but have already verified their ability to improve the situation of blackheads and unwanted small hairs. Remember to test the mask on a limited area of skin before starting the actual treatment.

If you do not notice any unwanted reactions, apply it to parts of the face where pimples or blackheads are normally formed and then leave it to dry on the skin. At the end of the shutter speed, remove it as if it was a film and wash your face, then complete the treatment by applying a moisturizing cream. Find out more on Actinera

Prepare the Skin Before applying the activated Charcoal maskActivated Charcoal Mask

1) Buy a good quality coal mask. It is best to choose a product of a well-known brand for skin care. Look for a charcoal mask that contains activated charcoal, emollient agents (such as aloe vera) and essential oils that can soothe the inflammation of the skin.

  • If you prefer to make a coal mask at home, do not use the glue attached. Glues of this type contain ingredients that can harden the mask and since you will struggle to remove it, you could damage the skin.

2) Test the mask on the skin to rule out possible allergic reactions. This is a rule to follow even when you prepare it at home and not only if you buy it in perfumery. Before applying it to your face, try a small area of skin to make sure it does not cause irritation or allergies. Spread a small amount on a cheek or on the inside of the wrist, then wait ten minutes and then check if there are any signs indicating that the skin has become irritated. [2]

  • Symptoms related to an allergy or an irritation include redness, swelling, hives, and itching.
  1. Collect hair if necessary. If you fear you can get dirty with a mask, legal with a rubber band or wear a band to keep them away from your face. Remember that initially, the charcoal mask will be slightly sticky so keeping them loose may stick to your face.
  2. Clean and exfoliate the skin before making the mask. Wash your face with your usual cleanser to remove the sebum and impurities and prepare the skin for the mask. To open the pores well, it is preferable to also make a light scrub with a delicate exfoliating product and then rinse the skin well before applying the mask.

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