The miraculous activated charcoal



It is said that it is enough to apply it within five minutes so that inflammations and infections of skin decrease. Also combat some stomach diseases.

What is it?

The cosmetologist and director explain that charcoal has been used in natural medicine for thousands of years. It is not the type sold in supermarkets or wood burned in the fire, but a black residue that is obtained by heating parts of plants, such as coconut shells, beech wood, eucalyptus, black poplar, willow, pine, oak and other. It is highly effective against bacteria and viruses that attack the body every day. When it is used in treatments it is usually called “activated charcoal”, since it is prepared in specialized laboratories that enhance its absorption power. In this process, this ‘medicinal’ carbon acquires an endless number of small pores with which it absorbs toxins from our body.

activated charcoal

Benefits lists and the qualities of charcoal:

  1. Internally:
  • Absorbs or removes bacteria, viruses, poisonous gases, drugs, and toxins.
  • It alleviates stomach problems such as intestinal pain and diarrhea since it inactivates microorganisms or toxins present in the intestine.
  • It helps those who wish to detoxify from the effects of cigarettes, drugs or alcohol, as it is capable of absorbing certain chemical substances that lead to physical dependence.
  • If consumed between meals it prevents flatulence, intestinal gas, and halitosis.
  • Neutralizes intoxication or poisoning of toxic substances.
  1. Externally (used as poultices, in masks or bathrooms):
  • Stings of bees or spiders.
  • Infections in the skin and dermatitis, and also an eye and ear infections.
  • Acne and skins with an excess of greasiness.
  • A mask recipe
  • Paulina Vargas recommends the following recipe to do at home:
  • Mix charcoal powder with gel or aloe vera juice, two drops of tea tree essential oil and rose water (or purified water), to form a dense paste that can be brushed.
  • Wash your face with warm purified water and then vaporize or place a warm towel on your face for a few minutes.
  • Apply the mask to the face, avoiding the most sensitive areas, such as the eyes.
  • Leave to act for 15 to 30 minutes, until the paste dries.
  • Clean with purified warm water and dry gently. Seal the skin with rose water and a pinch of aloe vera gel.
  • Important: charcoal should not be placed directly on open wounds because, due to its composition, it can cause a tattoo effect.

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activated charcoal

Skin care

The naturopath Paulina Vargas explains that since the skin is a permeable membrane this ‘medicinal’ carbon is used to extract its toxins. It has a purifying, detoxifying effect and can even treat pigmentations. It is very effective in cases of acne, comedones (blackheads), impurities or inflammations.

Good products

In Lush there are two products that use charcoal to clean, exfoliate and undo the effect of oil and dirt on the skin:

  1. Carbon soap: A wonderful cleansing bar with a gentle exfoliation that detoxifies without drying the skin.
  2. The Dark Angels cleanser and exfoliant: It is a black paste that can be used as a facial or body cleanser in the shower. Deeply cleanses the oiliest skin. One of its main ingredients is charcoal powder, and it also contains avocado oil, brown sugar, and sandalwood oil, among others.

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