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Today we will talk about the actual problem for many girls and women, and perhaps men. The conversation will focus on caring for the problem skin of the face. How to maintain her health at home, without resorting to costly procedures? Is it possible to improve her condition and solve at least some of the problems that make our appearance suffer?

First, let’s define the terms. First of all, it is worth to clarify what is meant by the problem skin? Most common people think that this is a teenage skin covered with pimples and acne. In fact, the so-called skin, which has some serious problems, worsening its appearance. It can be not only acne but also redness, peeling, excessive dryness, a tendency to allergies, early aging. Home care for problem skin should fully meet all its requirements – only, in this case, it will be effective.

problem skin in the home

That is before you choose the means of caring for the problem skin, you need to precisely formulate for yourself, with which problem we will fight. Reading moreĀ,,20639480,00.html

Dry problem skin of the face

Typically, this type of skin is incredibly sensitive: it responds to most standard purchase methods with rashes and scaling. And it is not surprising – the number of preservatives in them sometimes exceeds all reasonable standards. Care for problem skin, in this case, should pursue the main goal: as much as possible to calm it and as much as possible intensively moisturize.

What can I advise from caring for dry, problem skin?

In order to exclude irritations, you need to wash with the most gentle means. And you can cook them yourself, for example, based on potato starch. Mix on a tablespoon of starch and cold water and rub the mass into a thick mixture. Then pour half a cup of boiling water to it and dissolve the paste in water. The mixture is poured into a liter of water at room temperature and used for daily washing.

Also, caring for problem skin, prone to dryness, implies the regular use of soothing and moisturizing masks. Do those best of natural products.

Soothing and moisturizing face masks for problem skin. Simple recipes at home.

  • An excellent option – a mixture of cottage cheese and grated on a small grater cucumber. You can mix cottage cheese with other vegetables and fruits (carrots, banana, blueberries), but only if there is no allergy to all these useful yummies.
  • Perfectly soothe and soften the dry skin of a mask from grated or boiled potatoes. Also, from time to time, you can simply lubricate the skin with a slightly warmed-up olive oil.

In order to achieve results, remember that care should be regular and carefully thought out.

problem skin in the home

Care for oily problematic skin

Skin with increased activity of the sebaceous glands delivers a huge number of problems. Here and comedones, and expanded pores, and acne, and huge subcutaneous pimples. And if you add to this list and a permanent fat shine and traces of squeezed acne, the picture will become completely creepy. But it is possible to solve all these problems.

The first step towards normalizing the skin condition is its cleansing. If there are a lot of pimples, then, most likely, at the initial stage, professional cleansing of the face will be necessary for the cosmetologist. This will help get rid of the maximum number of acne and clean the clogged pores of the facial skin, which is very important. It is equally important and regularly clean the skin of the house. Washing twice a day is the necessary minimum, without which there is no point in dreaming of success.

What is the best way to cleanse the skin? Means with salicylic acid, tar soap, decoction of chamomile or sage. They perfectly compete with acne, without drying the skin.

It is very good to regularly lubricate the face with any base oil, in which a few drops of tea tree oil are added. Keep such an improvised mask on your face need not longer than 15 minutes.

What kind of face mask can I recommend when I care for oily problematic skin?

Suitable for oily problem skin and mask of egg white and dandelion leaves, oat flakes, and baking soda, as well as cosmetic clay.

Important! A study, before choosing this or that care for problem skin, reviews about it – this will help to avoid typical mistakes and significantly shorten the path to the cherished goal. And do not forget that any care should be systematic – only in this way you can get a healthy and beautiful skin without rashes and greasy sheen. Complex care for problem skin, regardless of its type and specific characteristics, guarantees a good result.

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