How To Clean Your Skin In Depth For Perfect Skin



The key to a skin care routine being effective is to start with a clean face, free of impurities and dirt. Cleaning is an essential requirement to apply the rest of your skin care products and get greater benefits. Do you want to know how to get it? Do not miss our advice and wear impeccable perfect skin!

In the morning and at night, without fail!

Whether you’re the one who puts on makeup or not, you cannot forget to cleanse your face both when you wake up and before going to bed.

Even if you have not put on makeup, keep in mind that we are exposed to external agents such as pollution. In addition, during the day we touch our faces and sweat, so cleaning becomes essential.

At night, remove your eyes well, using an eye makeup remover that removes the toughest makeup and leaves no greasy feeling on your skin.

Do not let into laziness! Clean your skin properly before sleeping even if it’s too late. Do not use make-up remover wipes, it is not enough to remove makeup, clog pores and can cause skin problems. Keep in mind that wipes contain alcohol, preservatives, and fragrances, so they can cause long-term allergies.

Leave the face clean for the end of your shower. Hair washing products bring silicones and oils that are not good for your skin.

Specific cleaning for your perfect skin

After removing your eyes, apply a cleanser suitable for your skin type. Each skin requires specific care. It is not the same to have a dry skin that a mixed or oily skin, or a young skin that one of more than 40.

Do not you know which one is best for your skin type? Take our test and discover the skin care routine you need.

Oily skin should be cleaned with gel products and without oils, while dry skin should use creamier cleansing lotions that do not dry the skin.

Wash your face with warm water in the morning and at night, and then apply a cleanser suitable for your skin type and massage. Rinse the skin of the face and dry with a clean towel.

If you have acne-prone skin, use a specific cleanser such as the Clear Proof Cleanser for acne-prone skin. Keep readingĀ

The cleaning brush, the secret of deep facial cleansing

Surely you have heard about them, they are a must if you want to cleanse your skin in depth. The facial brushes eliminate traces of makeup, oil and impurities 85% more than manual cleaning.

Combine it with a suitable cleanser for your skin and use it at night when you want to cleanse your skin, you will notice the results!

The movement of the brush helps the cleaner penetrate more and better into your pores, and its movement activates circulation. You will notice that your pores are cleaner and your skin is brighter. Do you need more excuses to get one?

Tips for using your cleaning brush

  • Do not waste two hours! With a minute of massage with the cleaning brush will be worth. Go moving the cleanser around the face and that’s it!
  • Do not press the brush. You will not get better results no matter how hard you squeeze, and you can irritate your skin. Simply slide it gently on the skin.
  • Your cleaning brush should be just for you. If you want to share it, change the head.
  • Normally the brushes have more than one head so you can try the best for your skin. Use a soft one if your skin is sensitive. If you do not have sensitive skin, you can use a harder head.

Exfoliating, deep cleansing that increases the effectiveness of other treatments

How To Clean Your Skin In Depth For Perfect Skin

The benefits of exfoliating are many: you will eliminate dead cells, activate circulation and oxygenate your skin. In addition, you will notice that the appearance of the skin is more uniform and its touch softens. Do you think little?

When and how to use the exfoliate?

Use an exfoliate suitable for your skin once or twice a week with a gentle message:

  • For a young skin use a light one like that of Botanical Effects.
  • With the first wrinkles, you can use products that exfoliate in depth like Micro-Dermabrasion.
  • A mature skin or lack of brightness, you need a deeper exfoliation that renews your skin as the Revealing Radiance Renewing Scrub.

The perfect complement to the mask

The scrub prepares your skin for other skin care treatments, such as masks. You can use the scrub before your multitasking session or join the revolution of the bio-cellulose mask after your exfoliating treatment.

Cleaning is an essential pillar in your routine. Apply these deep cleansing tips and you will notice how your skin is healthier and brighter!

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