Activated Charcoal

Treatment of Acne with Activated Charcoal

In order to recover from acne, it is necessary to conduct complex treatment. And if one of its components is activated charcoal, this process can not only improve the skin condition but also benefit the entire body, since the active substance will remove toxic substances and metabolic products from it.

Important Factors of Acne Treatment with Activated Charcoal:

  • Activated charcoal should be assigned to small courses with individual dosage;
  • After treatment, restorative treatment is needed: taking vitamin complexes and probiotics. These are drugs that contain a lot of useful microorganisms – natural inhabitants of the intestine because they help the process of digestion;
  • If activated charcoal is taken along with other medicines, certain admission rules must be adhered to. At least two hours must pass between taking different drugs, since activated charcoal, which interacts with other drugs, will reduce their effectiveness;
  • A useful property of activated charcoal is the fact that they cannot overdose. It can be used in large doses, but only in a very short time. It is very dangerous to call only a long-term use.

The simplest scheme for taking activated charcoal from acne is a course of treatment that lasts ten days. During this period, three times a day you need to take activated charcoal by two tablets. This must be done for a half to two hours before meals or after a while after eating. But, of course, not immediately. Keep reading

Activated Charcoal Mask

Mask with activated charcoal can be done with cosmetic clay. For its preparation, the best ingredients are green or black cosmetic clay, as it is capable of giving a good cleansing effect. For one small spoon in 10 ml clay is taken and against it – a tablet of activated charcoal. It is ground into powder and mixed with clay, after which a tablespoon of warm milk is added. To make everything swell, gelatin is poured and the mixture is mixed, after which it is left for 20 minutes to obtain the desired effect.

Activated Charcoal

The dishes in which the future mask is located, put on a water bath and warm until the gelatin is completely dissolved. This can also be done with a microwave oven, but this method is not very convenient. The skin before application of a mask should be steamed and the mixture on it should be applied with the help of a cosmetic sponge or a brush. The mask should be on the face for about half an hour, after which the formed film must be separated from the skin and washed with warm water.

Does activated charcoal help protect against acne?

You can lead a lot of controversy on the theme “is activated charcoal able to fight acne.” There is an ambiguous opinion among the people, because it helped someone, and some did not. But if you turn to the doctors, they will directly say that activated charcoal will help only if the nature of the appearance of the disease concerns problems with the gastrointestinal tract. And that, not always.

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How to Remove Skin Spots

Take Advantage of Winter to Remove Skin Spots

Winter is an ideal time to tune our skin and correct some defects that may have appeared, in almost all cases, as a result of exposure to the sun. The clearest examples are what we commonly call “sunspots”, and they can be mainly of two types.

Types of skin spots


It is a diffuse hyperpigmentation of small size that can have different colorations, which normally range from ash gray to dark brown. The most frequent areas of appearance are the forehead, the cheeks, the nasal dorsum, above the lip, the chin, the upper limbs and the neckline. It can occur during or after pregnancy.

Solar Lentigos

Also called “age spots”, they are small and have a variable coloration of lighter or darker browns. They are more frequent in people with clear skin and also from the age of 40 since the skin loses the capacity for regeneration.

Although they are similar to freckles, unlike these, they persist when exposure to the sun ceases.

There are other spots that can also occur in areas such as the neck, back, and lower limbs, and depend on sun damage, medication, exposure to chemicals and the skin type of patients. Thus, patients with lighter skin will have a greater tendency to present this type of lesions. Keep reading

Advantage of Winter to Remove Skin Spots

First of all, photoprotection

This is the basis for any treatment. Dermatologist reminds us that “a protector of factor 30 or higher must always be used and the appropriate renovations must be carried out, every 2 hours, in the exposed areas.

Treatments to eliminate stains

The most frequent are the peelings, since in a short time you get improvement, and not only of the pigmentation but also of other factors such as the texture and luminosity of the skin and even the slight signs of photo-aging such as hyperkeratosis, fine wrinkles, color alterations, opaque skin, yellowish hue, etc. There are different types depending on the intensity.

Types of peelings:

Medium surface peeling

It works at the level of the epidermis and superficial dermis, so they do not treat the problem in depth, but have the advantage of producing only redness or a fine desquamation, which can be combined with daily activity. They are the most used due to their good tolerance and high effectiveness, without specifying the rest time of routine life.

Deep peeling

The treatment is at the level of the deep dermis, which generates a more intense exfoliation. The problem is that it can cause bleeding and crusting, which usually requires a time of rest, away from the routine for one or two weeks.

Other techniques

There are other physical therapies such as radiofrequency, laser, pulsed light or cryotherapy, which can also help improve the tone and texture of the skin.

The key is in the continuity

As in almost all aesthetic treatments, one of the most important points is consistency, both with photoprotection and treatments. Therefore, once the desired result has been obtained, it is necessary to follow the maintenance treatment recommended by the specialist. And in summer, do not forget that sun protection should be even more intense and consult the dermatologist about depigmenting treatments valid for months of high UV radiation.

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Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments for Brides

5 Head-to-Toe, Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments for Brides

Certain aspects of planning a wedding can be a lot of fun, but others are no picnic. While you’ll no doubt enjoy trying on dresses with the special ladies in your life and tasting cake with your soon-to-be spouse, the nitty-gritty details of planning a large event (penning invitations, creating the seating list, and sifting through photographers, caterers, DJs, and so on) can quickly start to bog you down. And then there is the stress associated with getting everything just right and spending a boatload of cash on an event that will only last a day, not to mention the pressure to perform since all of your loved ones will be judging you on what you select and how the event progresses. In short, you might be frazzled by the time your wedding day arrives. Luckily, the last week or so is given over to pampering to prettify yourself for the day you say “I do”. And here are just a few beauty treatments that will get you glowing and relaxed in preparation for your wedding.

Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments for Brides

  • Is there anything worse than the stress acne that seems to mystically appear just before a big event where everyone will be looking at you? Since you’ll have to suffer through a lot of photos on your wedding day, it’s imperative that you look your best. So schedule a facial just a few days before your event to ensure that your skin recovers fully in time for all the snapshots. Depending on where you live and the season, you might also want to consider a spray tan. A little color couldn’t hurt (so long as you don’t go overboard) and this method helps you steer clear of harmful UV rays, as well as tan lines. As a bonus you’ll look good for your honeymoon. Keep reading
  • Teeth whitening. Over time our teeth become yellow and stained. And while you probably don’t care to look like Gary Shandling flashing his blinding veneers, you do want your smile to look bright and youthful on your big day. You might be able to get away with using OTC strips for a couple of weeks that will lighten you up just a shade or two (basically treating surface stains). But if you need more help, talk to your dentist a few months in advance about bleaching trays or even laser treatments that will take you as much as eight shades lighter. Just keep in mind that you have to steer clear of staining elements during your time of treatment (no coffee or tea, for example) and it could cause sensitivity, so it’s probably best to complete your treatment at least a couple of weeks before your wedding.

Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments for Brides

  • Cut, color, and style. The worst thing you can do is get a cut and color the day before you walk down the aisle. Schedule this session at least a week ahead of time (two is better) so that the blunt ends can soften a bit and you can make sure the color is just right (leave yourself a little time for a re-do, just in case). In addition, you can take this opportunity to discuss your wedding day ‘do with your stylist so that he/she knows exactly how much time will be needed on your special day.
  • Mani-pedi. This is one treatment that will give you a little down time with the ladies in your bridal party prior to the wedding. Ideally, the mani-pedis should happen the day before so no one has time to get chips or cracks in their polish. And with pretty much everything wrapped up where the planning is concerned, this will let you take a breath and thank the wonderful women that have helped you throughout the process.
  • This may not technically qualify as a beauty treatment, but considering what stress can do to your body, achieving a state of Zen relaxation before the big day could definitely quell the manic vibe you’ve been giving off. Plus, all that oil will leave your skin with a radiant glow. So set up an appointment at your favorite local spa a day or two before the wedding. With everything whirling through your mind, a reboot to bring things back into focus is just what you need to look and feel your best, and a massage can do the trick.

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