Activated charcoal mask: Indications and contraindications of activated charcoal



The process of cleaning the skin with an activated charcoal mask

We will share the secrets of cooking at home with a cosmetic product that consists of activated charcoal in the next article.

  • Before using makeup from black coal, remember that it has a black color, so you can at any time be messed up. A mask is best done in the evenings when no one is waiting for guests and you can lie on the sofa in your home clothes.
  • An overdue medical product is strictly prohibited. It is worth a penny, so if you found in the medicine cabinet an old plate with charcoal, discard it, its expiration date, and so the components have all exhausted themselves. Do not be lazy, visit the pharmacy and buy a medicine.
  • Coal is easily crumbled, which means that it is not difficult to prepare a mask, you just need to crush the tablets with a wooden tossed in a specially prepared bag or a paper bag.
  • Allergy does not cause the drug, but still check the charcoal on your wrist beforehand, make a trial. The skin on the wrist is thin and will help determine if you have an allergic reaction to the drug. If there is redness, burning, itching, immediately flush the coal and try not to apply it on your skin.
  • Before cleaning, always steam the skin, so you will feel the cleaning effect with the help of a mask. You can open pores with the help of broths of chamomile, St. John’s wort and marigold. The open pores give the maximum from cleaning, the skin also absorbs useful components.
  • The mask should be thoroughly beaten and mixed without leaving lumps, then it will ideally lie on the surface of the skin.
  • Apply the mask on the skin with a special wide brush or fingers, while performing massage actions. You can clean the whole face with the product, but you can partially, for example, a spout and chin, at your discretion. According to statistics in the field of the nose and chin most of all there is a black dots.
  • Keep the mask on your face for no more than ten minutes. Otherwise, blackness from coal can be absorbed into the skin and remove the darker shade will have to work.
  • Inflamed skin can be treated from black spots with activated charcoal. You can make a mask once every 8 days for 48 days. Take a break and you can start cleaning your face again.
  • After removing the mask, rinse your face, apply a moisturizer on it. Within an hour is not recommended to go out. Check this article¬†

Activated charcoal mask

Indication in the use of activated charcoal for cleaning the skin:

  • The appearance of inflammatory skin, acne, and acne;
  • Oily skin;
  • Black dots;
  • Wrinkled, fading skin;
  • Pore clogging;
  • Unhealthy face

Contraindications of activated charcoal:

  • Sores on the skin;
  • Supportive inflammation;
  • Open wounds, injuries, superimposed seams;
  • Individual intolerance;
  • Bleeding on the skin;
  • It is forbidden to squeeze pimples or a black rod, and then apply a coal mask to cleanse the skin.

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