Activated charcoal is an excellent natural ingredient to help purify and clean the foot



Regardless of the presentation, whether in a bar, shampoo or as a mask, activated charcoal is beneficial for human health, becoming a conquering ingredient of beauty for everyone. It is to be known, that this natural element contains special properties for the detoxification of the body; for this reason, it has been used in water filters, since coal has the capacity to absorb toxins, and in the world of medicine has served to cure any type of poisoning.

The active carbon, in the area of beauty, is used for the deep cleaning of the skin, since it is an absorbent bruise of oil, being ideal for oily skin and with acne, decreasing the pores of the body. The director of the great company of global beauty products called “Origins” , Wendy Brooks commented that” charcoal is an excellent natural ingredient to help purify and clean the foot”; He has also ensured that activated carbon masks have been one of the company’s best sellers. Check this article also

Activated charcoal

Undoubtedly, this mineral is strongly effective for the improvement of the skin, because it has the great ability to reduce stains, bad smells on the skin and any bacteria that could clog the pores of the skin; However, the New York dermatologist named Omar Torres has asserted that all the benefits of activated charcoal are purely cosmetic, since he only has the ability to superficially cleanse the skin, giving as an example natural products such as mud and clay: “these products only serve for a superficial cleaning of the skin, as do the other creams that are not prescribed for deep cleaning “; In this way, Torres has made it clear that he does not know in full his medicinal benefits. ”

This wonderful product that has been given away by the planet has great rejuvenating properties; since it has been used to stop the negative effects of the passing of years inside our body, helping the liver, kidneys and adrenal glands, delaying cell aging for a long time.

Activated charcoal

Apart from having benefits to combat acne or any superficial problem you may have; Activated charcoal is ideal for first aid when dealing with some type of drug overdose, since it absorbs approximately sixty grams of harmful substances; aside, it is excellent for stomach problems, because coal has become a useful tool for the treatment of diarrhea, stomach inflammation and gas, unbelievably releasing the stomach helping to normalize intestinal activity.

In short, activated carbon can be an excellent alternative for the health of your body by nourishing, moisturizing and purifying your skin; also, because of its great capacity to combat infinities of body problems. It is recommended that, in any of its presentations, it should not be used excessively and follows indications from experts.

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